Panel Breakouts Episode 001: Patsy Walker #95 (1961)


Over the last year I’ve been reading and researching material for the Unstable Molecules podcast, looking at the influences on the early Marvel universe’s comics and creators. What I thought would be two or three episodes looks like being at least ten – before I even get to Fantastic Four #1. I’m hoping to get to that point by the end of the year.

There’s so much that feeds into the early Marvel comics universe that my original plan to get an episode out monthly has been held up be the sheer amount of reading I’ve needed to do. I’ve probably read around 1000 comics plus background material and criticism. On top of that I have a busy job and a family – so getting UM episodes out frequently as I’d hoped has been tough.

My plan with Panel Breakouts is to share some of the work I’m doing in between the episodes: from thoughts about a single issue to historical facts I’ve found out. Nothing polished or edited: just a quick look at something interesting that ties into the main podcast.

I’m preparing an episode of Unstable Molecules about Atlas Comics’ romance titles and the influence they had in establishing the tone of the early Marvel comics (plus looking at the influence of Simon and Kirby on the Romance genre). This episode of Panel Breakouts takes a look at Patsy Walker #95.