Transforming Timely Titles


Martin Goodman’s comic titles went through a strange transformation – with some series going through somewhat odd transformations of name and genre.

One that I find particularly odd is the comic that started life Daring Mystery Comicsin 1940 which was Daring Mystery Comics, essentially a superhero title with characters like Fiery Mask, Trojak the Tiger Man, Silver Scorpion and Marvel Boy.


comedy comicsAfter 8 issues in 1942 it transformed into Comedy Comics – a funny animals title that lasted 25 issues. (Confusingly, it seems that another comic, Daring Adventures, also picked up the numbering in 1944 and ran stories with the Human Torch and Sub-mariner for 4 issues.)


margiecomicAfter that, in 1946 it became a teen comedy called Margie that managed 25 issues.




renobrowneIn 1950 there’s another genre change when the series transformed into Reno Browne, Hollywood’s Greatest Cowgirl – cashing in on the short-lived fame of a Hollywood B-list actress. It lasted 3 issues.



apachekidSoon, in 1950, the title became Apache Kid and continued for a number of years and 20 issues.




westerngunfightersFinally, the comic became Western Gunfighters in 1956. It managed 8 issues before ceasing publication in 1957.


A number of Timely/Atlas titles went through this sort of naming transformation (Blaze Carson became Rex Hart before retitling as Whip Wilson and then The Gunhawk – or All Winners becoming All Western Winners, then Black Rider, then Western Tales of the Black Rider before ending as Gunsmoke Western). This re-titling wasn’t confined to Western comics: the Romance comics Goodman’s company published (well into the 1970s) also went through regular re-naming.